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Toilet Rush

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What about a humorous toilet-related challenge? The mundane act of visiting a toilet can be quite thrilling if you play this game. There is just one objective in this game. You play for the character who needs to visit a bathroom as a matter of urgency. And your task is to guide him to this destination as quickly as possible. You have surely been in this role in real life and can understand that every second matters. If you are even a bit late, the worst can happen and your personage will simply explode in public. You cannot let down the protagonist!

Avoid all the obstacles!

You will need to pass a series of levels. Each of them is full of all sorts of barriers that are aimed to stop or delay the hero. And it is your responsibility to skillfully avoid or overcome them. You should always look for the best route to reach the toilet. Sometimes, you will even have to navigate through the public place or even a park. Will you manage to maintain a good place and hold your bladder. The game comes with easy controls, and can be easily enjoyed by players of all ages. Find yourself in endless comic situations and make sure you do not let down your personage. This game has lots of cool trials – pass them all!

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