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Melon Playground

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The zany and chaotic world of Melon Playground is waiting for you! In this wild game, you’re the master of your own virtual playground, filled with unsuspecting little people just waiting to become your playthings. It’s like having your own personal sandbox, but instead of building sandcastles, you get to create chaos!

It’s total mayhem, baby!

Experiment with an array of tools, weapons, and wacky contraptions to see just how far you can push the boundaries of physics and human endurance. From rocket launchers to gravity-defying trampolines, there’s no shortage of ways to cause some serious mischief.

Throw caution to the wind as you send your unsuspecting victims flying through the air, watching them tumble and crash with a satisfying splat. But fear not, because in this crazy world, they’ll bounce back like rubber dolls, ready to endure even more absurd and outrageous experiments.

Go wild and have fun!

Want to test the limits of human durability? Strap on a jetpack, light up a firework, and watch the sparks fly as your little test subjects go soaring through the sky. It’s like a twisted circus of pain and laughter all rolled into one! Let’s wreak some havoc!

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