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The Baby In Yellow

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It is another dark and eerie storyline which starts a routine adventure. One day you are offered a well-paid job that looks quite simple. But very soon, it will turn into something spine-tingling! You start your duties without any surprises – these include ordinary things like putting the baby to sleep or feed him, and other errands around the house. But as the night progresses, the atmosphere becomes increasingly ominous. For some unknown reason, you feel very uncomfortable when the baby in a yellow onesie is studying you with his big eyes. What can stand behind it all? Maybe, these are only your false impressions, but soon you will understand you were right!

Solve tricky puzzles to progress

The situation gets completely out from under your control when your ward disappears in the depths of the house. You should immediately find him no matter how scary the mansion is. Navigate all the rooms and corridors. But note that these are packed with all sorts of obstacles and traps. To pass them safely, you must solve tons of tricky puzzles. Be very careful – the baby must be watching you from behind the corner. And who knows what trials this little monster has prepared for you. Do your best to explore each area to find out more about this mysterious family. What secrets are buried here? Complete all tasks to unveil the truth. The walkthrough will require a lot of agility and logic, but an enjoyable experience is promised!

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