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There are a lot of captivating simulators nowadays. But this one will offer you a really unconventional challenge. This thrilling project invites you to engage in daring experiments involving people. Actually, all the personages are just ragdolls. And your task is to perform various experiments with their participation. Some of them can be quite weird and cruel. However, there is no need to worry about the violence of these activities – this is only virtual fun!

What’s your objective?

It can be rightfully said that that there is no any particular plot in People Playground. You just need to cause some destruction. The game comes with a rich assortment of tools and devices you can use for this purpose. And then it is your imagination and creativity that dictate you what to do. You need to destroy all the characters you see in the arena. The player is encouraged to develop new methods of killing and create spectacular scenes. All the weapons produce different effects, so you must test them all to understand how to combine them in the best way. Besides, your opponents will also react differently to your attacks, so an individual approach is needed.

Create more scenes!

You will partially become the author of the scenario and be able to create your own scenes. How can you do it? First of all, study the controls – you can perform different actions with the objects. Besides, you can adjust your force level and add or remove personages. Actually, you can even form a strong army and they try to destroy it. There are no limitations or restrictions – you can do whatever you want as long as you destroy all your personages without fail. Do not miss updates – new tools and weapons are regularly added to bring more fun!

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