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Getting Over It

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Have you already played the most frustrating and absurd game? Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy is here to drive you nuts! Get ready to embark on a journey of hilariously epic proportions as you guide the half-man, half-pot adventurer, Bennett, up an unforgiving mountain using nothing but a large hammer!

Quirky, challenging, fun

Picture this: you’re sitting in a cauldron, your lower half mysteriously absent, and all you have is a hammer in your hand. Your goal? To climb a ridiculously steep mountain littered with obstacles that will make you question the very essence of your gaming skills and sanity.

The controls are as crazy as it gets! Using your mouse, you swing that hammer like a man possessed, grappling onto objects and launching yourself into the air like a deranged acrobat. It’s a physics-based frenzy where every movement counts, and one wrong swing can send you tumbling back to square one.

Don’t give up and get to the top!

Prepare for lots of frustration levels! As you make progress up the mountain, you’ll encounter narrow ledges, treacherous gaps, and objects that seem determined to knock you back down to the depths of despair. Grab that hammer, channel your inner Bennett Foddy, and let the insanity begin!

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