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Dumb Ways To Die Original

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Welcome to this project to enjoy challenge and humor. It is a collection of weird mini-games. In all of them, you will meet funny personages that are going to die just because they are very dumb to avoid danger in critical situations. But you come to their rescue. You are here to analyze the situation and find a solution that will enable personages to survive. All you need is critical thinking and the ability to correctly assess things. Sometimes, the clue is right on the surface. Are your ready to test your skills?

Enjoy tons of mini-games!

There are endless mini-games to enjoy here. Every time, you will have to deal with a new task. Most of them are complicated brain-teasers. Charming personages do not realize when the danger is too close, and they are risking of dying in a variety of silly methods. Lend them a hand when you see they are going to take a wrong step. You should be agile and fast – every minute counts. The challenges range from simple quests to tricky puzzles. Make sure you react in time to help your wards avoid hazards and obstacles. This exclusive activity will bring you a lot of cool moments and much joy. Test it now – you will spend time with pleasure.

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