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Skibidi Toilet is a game that seems totally goofy and pointless (and really is so) and utilizes everyone’s favorite song (or at least recently favorite) to fill your screen with total wackiness and groove! The whole gameplay consists of you walking around various toilets and finding Little Big’s head in each of the bowls singing Skibidi. So let’s get started and have a better look at this madness!

Total insanity and lots of Skibidi!

Just like many other popular online games, Skibidi Toilet started with a YouTube series bearing the same name. In this sequence of short videos, the main character (or just a guy with a camera, we don’t know) comes into a common public toilet – only to find that there is Little Big in the bowl, or rather his head dismembered from the rest of the body, ready to break into the most cheerful and groovy performance of his Skibidi hit ever! Music starts playing, the head starts singing, everything rocks and flickers as if you’re on the dance floor or at a concert… The insanity goes on for some time, and then the level is considered to be passed, and you enter another one. That’s basically it!

What’s even the point of that? Who would play that? Questions have been asked, but people keep clicking and liking Skibidi Toilet every day! So what is the secret of this game? Probably it’s all because it’s so silly and totally crazy, and you just don’t have to do anything, and it’s all sheer madness and fun. And also because Skibidi is a song that has an ability to get stuck in your brain for hours. And all of that together. Really, it’s hard to pinpoint. One thing for sure – if you haven’t played Skibidi Toilet yet, you definitely can’t afford to remain the last person who still hasn’t!

Goof off and don’t forget to flush!

So do ask, don’t think – just walk into that toilet and sing along with Little Big! Repeat the lines flying out of his broadly smiling mouth opening and closing in a somewhat inhuman way – but hey, say nothing of his freakishly long neck that does all that twisting, and spinning, and zigzagging as if it’s dancing! And don’t hold back – start dancing to the beat together with the rest of the zany characters you’re about to meet here! Skibidi Toilet will make you feel like you took an acid pill, had the worst trip of your life for just five minutes and switched back to soberness without any hangover. Skibidi is about to start playing, and so are you!

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