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Draw To Pee

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Do you want to test your logic with the help of a humorous game? Then it is time to test Draw to Pee. So what are you supposed to do in this entertainment? You will see a boy and a girl on the screen. They have a natural need to visit a toilet as soon as possible. But the road to the destination is a trick! And you are here to sort it out for the personages. Note that if you fail to provide the right solution, the consequences will be not the best! So you must focus on the task so as not to let down the guys.

Draw the right path for each hero!

Each of the characters has to reach a toilet of a particular color. The girl will need to use a pink one, and the boy must be brought to the blue one. Will you be able to draw the line that will guide the personages to the right point? Note that they will have to overcome various obstacles. And when you move to new levels, they may even encounter monsters. Demonstrate your logical skills to help each of them. Start now to see how many levels you will easily pass without fail. Train enough and enhance your skills to avoid unfavorable outcome. The game is very engaging and offers tons of humorous puzzles – do your best to successfully pass them all! You will love the challenge!

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