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Happy Wheels

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Prepare for a wild ride in the most insane and ridiculously entertaining game ever created: Happy Wheels! Choose your character from a wild cast of eccentric individuals, each with their own unique ride. From a wheelchair-bound grandpa to a fearless BMX enthusiast, the characters are as wacky as they come!

Survive the ride!

Once you’ve picked your daredevil avatar, it’s time to navigate through a series of outrageously challenging obstacle courses. From treacherous ramps to spinning blades of death, you’ll encounter a variety of hazards that will test your skills and your stomach. The goal? Reach the finish line in one piece, preferably with a few limbs intact.

Let’s go crazy and reckless!

But here’s the twist: Happy Wheels is not your typical racing game. Oh no, it’s far more chaotic than that. As you navigate the courses, you’ll encounter gruesome and absurd accidents that will have you laughing out loud and cringing at the same time. Limbs will fly, heads will roll, and bodies will contort in the most hilarious ways imaginable. So go ahead, defy gravity, laugh in the face of danger! Just be sure to keep your limbs attached and your sense of humor intact!

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