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Pizza Tower

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Pizza making has never been so exciting as in this platformer. You will meet Peppino, your protagonist. The guy owns a small restaurant and makes delicious pizza. But one day, his wonderful life was shaken. He receives the alarming information that big bosses are going to ruin his pizzeria. It has shocked the hero and he must invent something immediately to stop this disaster. He knows that his opponents live in a big tower. So he goes there to deal with them. Are you here to help Peppino is this challenging task?

Pizza is your weapon!

The place is built in a form of a maze. And you need to help the character reach very top of it to see the main boss. But the way to the top is full of challenges. These are simple barriers you just need to overcome and various villains you must destroy. You will also notice pizza ingredients floating in the air. Do not ignore these! Pizza is your main weapon. But you need to cook it before you can use it. So grab all the products to create a powerful weapon against your enemies. Besides, some pizza ingredients will also strengthen the abilities of the main character. So do not forget about it! The walkthrough is very captivating, and you will get a lot of fun.

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